Mxi Corp – Scam Or Legit

Marketing Xocolate International, MXI Corp was established by Co-founders Jeanette Brooks, Vice President Andrew Brooks and the Founders of Pure De-lite Products, Inc. Pure De-lite was recognized as one of the leading distributors of low-carb, sugarfree chocolate in the United States. Pure De-Lite specialty is the dark chocolate bar which is the best selling today. I am sure that a lot of people like dark chocolate and I would assume that President-Elect Barack Obama might like dark chocolate bars but we will review this company even more.

Acai Berry – Aa is a high-energy super antioxidant berry harvested on co-op farms from a special Amazon palm tree. Acai berries contain amino acids, essential fatty acids (Omega 6 and 9), and higher amounts of antioxidants than any other fruit. The Acai berry has over 14 times more antioxidants than raw spinach, and 10 to 30 times more anthocyanins than red wine.

Xocai Decadent Dark Chocolate – Xocai Dark Chocolate has an extremely high cocoa content chocolate (70% Cocoa) which combine the exotic flavors of deep dark chocolate with Aa and Blueberries. Xoai chocolate is produced with rich Belgian unprocessed, nonalkalized, non-lecithinized cocoa powder that is high in antioxidants due to a closely monitored fermentation, drying, and cold-press process.

The Compensation Plan – Everytime you personally refer someone to MXI Corp who purchases a qualifying Xocai chocolate order you will immediately make what is called a Quick Check Bonus ranging from $50 to $150. Every time someone you personally enroll also enrolls 2 other members with qualifying purchases, you will receive an additional $40 bonus on top of any other commissions that result from those sales.

The Infinity Bonus is based on a Binary Compensation model. Binary means “two,” and as such you will be placed in one of two sides in your sponsor’s organization. This bonus is why we can literally place people one on top of each other to infinite levels. This means TRUE TEAMWORK and it gives everyone the best chance to be successful! Infinity Bonuses are earned on your leg with the lesser volume. When a minimum of $500 of Group Volume is reached in the lesser leg, the Associate will be paid a 10% Infinity Bonus on the Total Group Volume up to a maximum of $100,000 per week, or a $10,000 Infinity Bonus per Business Center per week. You may have up to 3 business centers when you join, if you upgrade within your first 60 days.

Now this is where things really start to get exciting! Once qualified, you will earn a Matching Bonus Check down 7 generations. What does this mean? It means not only do you get a matching bonus on EVERYONE you personally enroll, but also on everyone they personally enroll, and on EVERYONE They Personally Enroll.etc, etc. Down 7 Generations!!! You will earn a percentage on ALL Xocai Healthy Chocolate sold worldwide through these powerful Leadership Bonus Pools. This way, we are all working together as a TEAM and sharing in everyone’s success!

Business Opportunity – The business opportunity within MXI Corp is similar to that of any MLM today. To create success within the MLM industry you will need to recruit friends and family, attend and promote hotel meetings, attend and promote product parties, attend and promote home presentations and attend company sponsored seminars. After analyzing the compensation structure the conclusion is the average person will not achieve any substantial success within MXI Corp. While the products are good and can effect your life in a positive way, the business model is out dated and not set up for the average person. The amount of people needed to create a solid six figure income would enter the thousands.

By: Corobo

How To Drive Your Salesman Crazy

Ethics and professionalism are typical concerns of consumers for selling professionals. The independence of the professional provides instant scrutiny. Selling professionals learn to muster diligence given constant observation. That said, professionals must maintain patience when dealing with difficult clients and the plethora of sales issues.

Every profession contains issues and selling is no exception. One prevalent thematic issue is client pet peeves. These issues are not only exasperating to the selling professional but serve as closing obstacles. Identification of these issues can aid in daily efficiencies.

Unreturned telephone calls. Sales people get angered when consumers do not return telephone calls. In the day of spontaneity and speed to market, response times are critical. Selling professionals do no call simply to sell product but to follow up on imperative information. Nothing is more disturbing to a professional than a lack of response. Leave the message and move to the next prospective client, unresponsiveness will only anger the saleperson. Lamenting over unresponsiveness creates negative energy. Move your attention to positive areas; negative energy simply exerts energy that is more negative. Hurry up and wait. The idiom delays after a quick activity. Conflict occurs from an indecisive decision maker or simply happenstance. However, the conflict occurs more often then not. Selling professionals benefit with calls to action and deadlines, instruct prospective clients that proposals, agreements and other paper work require 24-hour decisions; failure to comply terminates any current agreement. Hold consumer’s accountable, desire their representatives.

Duck and hide. Avoidance avoids conflict. There is a systematic issue in today’s culture; consumers do anything to avoid conflict. Rather than confront selling professionals and issues such as price etc, consumers simply avoid conflict. Prospective clients are now using current technology to avoid their sales person. Consumers desire people they can trust and respect, so do selling professionals.

Incorrect information. There is no purpose in leading selling professionals astray with poor and useless information. Selling professionals are like great detectives, if pushed they eventually discover pertinent data, however nothing is more disrespectful then lying.

Hiding the decision maker. Sales people have an ethical obligation to meet with the person actually deciding on the investment and has responsibility for the decision. Gatekeepers delay the sales process and provide too many impediments in reaching the decision making, causing unneeded time and money. Decision makers require value to alleviate issues that inhibit profits and productivity. There is no reason to hide the one person that can make the decision that benefits the entire organization. Sales costs increase when others inhibit the process and progress.

Caesar Syndrome. Andy Warhol once stated that everyone in their lifetime is due 15 minutes of fame. With selling professionals, fame is not an option. Selling professionals exist to fulfill the wants and needs for clients. Clients have more information with the proliferation of the internet, however while content is king, consumer self worth is not part of the selling process. Selling professionals provide value in the information shared not helping to increase consumer ego.

Today’s competitive environment contains plentiful impediments for success. However, none is more aggravating then the presented issues. Consumers offer a myriad of challenges. Personalities will clash, individuals not comprehend value, and products appear wearisome. Yet, in an era of ethics, character and accountability, professionalism is still required. Obstacles are part of the selling game, but today’s client makes it too difficult.

Copyright (c) 2008 Drew Stevens PhD

By : Cristiano serra

Ardyss International Top Distributors Are Using A Secret Strategy

If you want to get to earn extra money, MLM businesses are definitely the way to go. There are many companies that you could choose to go with. If you want to be involved in selling health and skin care products, Ardyss International is definitely the right company for you. They started in 1989, and since then they have continued to expand their operations across North America and the U.K.

The products that this company offers have been developed for the health-conscious consumers. They have many different products like the Ardyss Le’Vive juice, various skin care products, and health garments. Their products are usually divided among health drinks, skin care products and cosmetics, and their Reshaping line of garments.

For anyone looking to join an MLM business opportunity, there are some things that they should remember. For one thing, the business that you would join should be simple to set-up and get started with. You would not want to try a business opportunity that has a complicated set-up procedure. You should also make sure that the business is very easy to expand and grow.

One of the secret strategies that the top distributors of the Ardyss International opportunity is that they are tapping a hot existing market, and they also have great products and services. Many people today are very health-conscious, and the products of the company definitely fit the need of these people. With a great demand for the products that they are carrying, the Ardyss distributors could get to sell their product lines quickly.

The company also offers many ways on how you could become a distributor. You could get to join the company by the membership option, autoship option, or the power pack option. With the membership option, distributors could but the Ardyss products in a wholesale price and then sell it all in a retail price. This is one secret that distributors in Ardyss are using, which lets them make a great commission from the products that they sell.

The autoship option is one of the best strategies that the distributors of Ardyss International are using. It gives them the same advantages of the membership option. Another added feature in the autoship option it allows you to participate in the company’s internet promotion business venture. It also allows you to market your products online, so you won’t have to go out of your home to earn an income.

Another secret strategy that the top distributors of the company use is their power pack plan. As a distributor, you would definitely be more encouraged if you have more benefits and bonuses. The power pack plan provides you with this, so distributors could definitely have more rewards if they would get more sales.

If you really want to have a better income, you should definitely try various MLM companies like Ardyss International. If you go with the company with the right products and the right opportunities, you would definitely be part of the top distributors that the company has. And if you get to learn the right strategies, you could definitely become a success in your business.

By: Preston Rodrigues

Import Boat From Usa To Australia

Thought of importing boats from USA to Australia? Well, that would be a good idea. But before you start to import boat from USA, first you should know all the documents needed such as bill of lading, MSO and other necessary documents as well as the process involved and the quality of the boat.

Most of the boat enthusiast prefer to import boat from USA rather than purchasing a boat from their own country. Simply, because of the big amount they can save. Some thought that boats from USA are expensive because of the countries global economy and a more advance country.

There are different reasons why most of the boat enthusiast prefer to import boat from USA to Australia. Among of them is the low cost amount of shipping as well as the cost of the boat. It is really advantageous especially if you want to import a fleet of boats and you are in the business of buy and sell. There is a possibility that your buy and sell business will also be known to other countries if you are negotiating with international shippers and with the good quality of boats you can possibly sell them at an expensive worth. Thus, most import boat from USA is really a good choice for business like this.

Furthermore, with the wide varieties and different types and models of boats available such as those kayaks, fishing boat, personal watercraft and yacht from USA, boat enthusiast or buyers have also a wider choices to select.

Importing boat from USA is a convenient way because of the advance technology from USA even through online you can now import boat. With that you can easily compare the features and prices of boats from USA to Australia. Most of the companies in USA also go frequently to auctions. Hence, you can possibly purchase your dream boat, not just a merely boat but a unique boat that are not available locally and a brand new boat.

Through online you can possibly choose a kind of boat you want. With the different choices and many selection to choose you will really have to consider your needs and the purpose of the boat before importing. Likewise, you have to take consideration of the documents needed and the registration of the boat. Consider too the amount you are willing to spend or else your pocket will be fully empty.

Thus, importing a boat is not just a simple task, it can be frustrating or stressful if you are not aware of the process and other necessary legal things to do. However, with a good knowledge and with the help of a reputable company surely you will have a perfect choice and hassle free process of importing boat. Knowing all the benefits you will have with importing boats from USA, no wonder why many of the boat enthusiast prefer to import boat than buy locally.

By: daveschaub